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Alcoa, TN Pest Control

Alcoa, Tennessee is a community located in Blount County about 16 miles from downtown Knoxville.   Alcoa is best known for ALCOA which is the acronym for Aluminum Company of America.  Alcoa is accessible by numerous highways including US 129 that connects Alcoa and downtown Knoxville.  Pellissippi Parkway connects Alcoa to West Knoxville and Oak Ridge.  US 321 connects Alcoa to Lenoir City to the west and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the east.

Epituer Pest Solutions, LLC was founded in 2017 by a 20 year industry professional and degreed entomologist.   We focus on solutions to many of the pest species located in Alcoa, Tennessee and throughout Blount County.

Alcoa, TN Home Pest Control

Epituer offers pest control services to protect Alcoa, TN homes.    Due to the climate in Alcoa,  homes are a perfect spot for numerous insects and rodents to invade.

Our residential program includes our initial inspection of the issue and an initial service that includes the follow-ups required to eliminate the existing issue.   With this program we include our quarterly service program to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future.  If the pest  comes back, we come back at no charge.  Pests included in this program include cockroaches, ants, rodents, spiders and numerous other pests.

At Epituer, we additionally offer one time pest control services for Alcoa, TN homes if you are looking for a pest control service that includes all follow up visits to eliminate the existing issue, but does not include the quarterly services afterward.  We have services for multiple pests including:

Alcoa, TN Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have become a huge issue to homeowners all over Tennessee and Alcoa is not exempt.  These pests are introduced on used furniture and clothing and can also be picked up and transported into our homes from our daily travels.  At Epituer, we offer a bed bug elimination service that will eliminate bed bugs from your home and include a 90 day retreatment warranty at no additional cost to you.

Alcoa, TN Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can become a huge issue when they take up residence in our homes and businesses.  Cockroaches pick up contaminates on their legs and spread diseases to us.   There are numerous species of cockroaches found in Alcoa, TN and it is important for the correct species to be identified to solve the problem due to the source each may originate from.   At Epituer, we offer a free home or business inspection to identify the species.  Our pest control service for cockroaches includes the initial service plus the follow ups required to eliminate the issue.    

Alcoa, TN Mouse Control

Mice can be found throughout the United States and can make our homes and businesses a harborage site.  Mice can enter gaps and holes 1/4".   These pests reproduce rapidly and can spread numerous diseases.   If you are finding droppings or actual mouse sightings in Alcoa, TN, give Epituer a call.   We offer a free home or business evaluation and service includes the initial service plus the follow up services required to eliminate the mouse problem.  

Pest Control Resources

For additional resources concerning your pest control needs,  I have included links below that maybe able to assist.

  1. National Pest Management Association

  2. East Tennessee Pest Control Association

  3. Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Additional Resources for Alcoa, TN

For additional information pertaining to diseases related to insects and rodents please see the attached links below.

  1. Blount County Health Department

  2. Tennessee Department of Health

  3. Centers for Disease Control


If you are looking for a local exterminator in Alcoa, TN that will focus on your pest control needs,  give Epituer the opportunity.  We offer one time services as well as regularly scheduled services.  Epituer wants our services to fit your needs.  Click here to review our service area in Alcoa, TN

We offer free no obligation property evaluations.

Contact Our Office at 865-363-1155 or Email Us. 

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