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Bed Bug Extermination Knoxville, TN

Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs(Cimex lectularius) are reddish brown in color, wingless, flat, range from 1mm to 7mm, and can live several months without feeding.

Bed Bugs are not known to spread any diseases.   They can cause lack of sleep and their bites may cause itching.   Excessive scratching can lead to secondary skin infections.

Bed Bugs can inhabit all areas we do including but not limited to homes, hotels, apartments, theatres, healthcare areas, assisted living and nursing homes, buses, airplanes, and schools.

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Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites vary for each individual.   The variance is due to the sensitivity for each individual to the anti-coagulant injected along with the saliva.   Many individuals show no signs of a bite while other individuals can develop red welts along with swelling after being bitten. Bed bug bites are normally found on skin exposed during sleep such as the arms and legs.  The bites normally appear in straight lines or in a zig zag pattern.  Bites should be kept clean and scratching is discouraged to prevent the development of secondary infections.

For verification of bites, a proper inspection should be performed for evidence of bed bugs including actual bed bugs, blood spots on sheets, cast skins and bed bug feces.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

A few simple precautions can greatly reduce the possibility of bringing bed bugs into your home and the need to hire a pest control professional to help eradicate the issue.   Below are 9 steps that will help reduce the chance of introduction.

  1. Do not bring used furniture, sofas and beds into your home.

  2. Avoid used clothing.

  3. Refrain from purchasing used toys and stuffed animals.

  4. Inspect your mattress and box spring when traveling.

  5. Do not place your suitcase near the bed or on the luggage rack in your hotel room.

  6. Bag clean laundry immediately from the dryer at shared laundry facilities and fold the clothes at home.

  7. Understand what guests are bringing into your home.

  8. Inspect items brought home if your children spend the night at a friends.

  9. Examine the seating area when traveling on airplanes, buses and cabs.

How to Inspect for Bed Bugs

Begin with the bedroom...

  1. Inspect the sheets and bed coverings for blood spots.

  2. Remove the bed coverings and inspect the edges along the mattress and seams in the center of the mattress for activity.

  3. Turn mattress over and repeat step 2 as well as inspection to the sides of the mattress.   Remove mattress from bed at this point.

  4. Inspect edges of box spring as well as sides for activity.

  5. Turn box spring over at this point and remove gauze covering(only do this if it is your mattress).

  6. Inspect the areas where the cloth is stapled to the wood supports as well as inside the box spring.   Remove box spring at this point.

  7. Inspect bed frame for signs of activity.

  8. Visually inspect headboard and footboard at this point on the front and back paying particular attention to cracks and screws which are great harborage sites for bed bug eggs and nymphs.

  9. Put bed back together at this point and move to the night stand and dressers.

  10. Empty items from the night stand and dresser and place in plastic bags.

  11. Remove each drawer inspecting the interior and exterior focusing along edges, cracks and screws.

  12. After inspecting drawers, inspect the furniture itself by inspecting the top and bottom along with the front and back.

From this point move to upholstered furniture including sofas, recliners, and chairs...

  1. Remove each cushion and pillow and inspect along seams, edges, buttons and zippers.

  2. Move to the couch or chair at this point focusing on the seams, skirting and areas fabric attaches to the  furniture.

  3. Move the furniture from the wall and repeat step 2 for the back of the furniture.

  4. Flip furniture over at this point onto its back and inspect cracks, attachment areas for fabric to the frame of the furniture.

Bed Bug Solutions Knoxville, TN

Call Epituer today for your FREE business or home pest control and exterminator evaluation in Knoxville, TN.   If you suspect bed bugs, don't begin throwing items away, call Epituer for an inspection and evaluation.  Epituer offers quality bed bug control services at an affordable cost that includes a 90 day retreatment warranty to back it up.   Click here for additional details on Epituer's approach to bed bug elimination and pricing.

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