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Cockroach Control  Knoxville, TN

 Epituer's 6 Steps For Cockroach Elimination

  1. Thorough inspection of property to identify species of cockroach and activity levels.

  2. Physical removal of visible activity.

  3. Application of cockroach products to targeted sites.

  4. Installation of monitors for verification.

  5. Review recommendations with client.

  6. Schedule follow up service for 7-10 days.   Follow up services will continue every 7-10 days until cockroach activity is eliminated.

Cockroach Control Pricing

Residential Cockroach Control Pricing

Initial cleanout charges for cockroach elimination range in pricing   depending on several factors including species of cockroach, infestation level and size of the home.   Initial charges include all follow up visits to eliminate the issue.  The initial inspection and pricing quotes are at no charge.

Quarterly service can continue following initial cleanout at the customers request.

Commercial Cockroach Control Pricing

Initial cockroach cleanout charges vary for commercial facilities depending on type of facility, species of cockroach, and infestation level.  Initial inspection and pricing quotes are no charge and can be scheduled through our office.


Contact our office today at 865-363-1155 for your free no obligation inspection and quote for service or email us with details.    Your property can become cockroach free beginning today.

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