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Flea Control Knoxville, TN

 Epituer's 4 Steps For Flea Elimination

  1. Thorough inspection to identify areas fleas are present including interior areas, exterior areas and crawl space if required. 

  2. Review of preparation instructions with customer and schedule service date.

  3. Services include initial service plus  additional follow-up in 14 to 21 days.

  4. If activity is still identified on follow up, additional follow-ups are scheduled at no cost until activity is eliminated.

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Flea Treatment Preparation

Fleas are difficult to eliminate without cooperation.   Below are steps that will need to be taken to help the treatment be successful.

Preparation Prior to Service:

  1. Clear all flooring areas of toys, boxes, clothing and any other items including under beds and closet floors that will prevent treatment of the area.

  2. Wash all pet bedding in hot water or discard in plastic bag to the exterior trash can or dumpster.

  3. Vacuum wood, tile and vinyl flooring including in corners, along baseboards and under furniture.

  4. Vacuum all carpeting including corners, along baseboards and under furniture.

  5. Vacuum rugs and underneath rugs.

  6. Vacuum pet sleeping and resting areas including the kennel.

  7. Vacuum furniture between and under the cushions.

  8. Remove contents of the vacuum and discard in exterior trash can.

  9. Remove pets from home and arrange to have pets treated the same day as application.

  10. Store and cover all food items.

  11. Fish tanks should be covered.  All other animals including birds should be removed prior to service.

  12. Everyone including pets should stay out of treatment area for 2 hours after treatment.

After Completion of Treatment

  1. Do not clean floors are carpets with detergents or cleaners for 14 days.

  2. Vacuum flooring daily or every other day for 2 weeks.

  3. Vacuum pet bedding and resting areas daily for 14 days.   Wash pet bedding in hot water weekly moving forward.

  4. Repeat preparation instructions prior to follow up service.

If treatment is required on exterior-preparation instructions will be reviewed during initial inspection.

Flea Control Pricing

Residential Flea Control Pricing

Flea pricing will vary depending on activity level, square footage to be treated and if exterior and crawl space treatments are required.  The initial inspection and pricing quote are at no charge and can be scheduled by contacting our office.   

Commercial Flea Control Pricing

Flea pricing will vary for commercial properties depending on the type of facility with the issue, level of activity and square footage required to be treated.  The initial inspection and pricing quote are at no charge and can be scheduled by contacting our office.


Contact our office today at 865-363-1155 for your free no obligation inspection and quote for service or email us with details.    Take control of your flea issue today by calling us. 

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