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Mosquito Control Knoxville, TN

Outdoor Mosquito Control Program

  1. Call or email today for a free mosquito evaluation for your property.

  2. Program includes service 1 time per month for the months of April-October.

  3. Our program focuses to reduce immature harborage areas and residual applications to adult resting sites.

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Mosquito Control Pricing

Our pricing for mosquito control is dependent on the amount of area to be treated including the amount of vegetation in the area that provides resting sites for adult mosquitoes.   We offer a free evaluation of your property that will include pricing and a detailed strategy to allow your family to enjoy the summer. We value our customers and if dissatisfied with our services, we will come back at no charge for retreatment.  Our programs allow our clients to cancel the program at anytime by contacting our office.  We ultimately believe our program is the best mosquito control service in Knoxville, TN, but if situations change and you need to discontinue service, we totally understand. 


Contact our office today at 865-363-1155 for your free no obligation inspection and quote for service.   We offer effective mosquito control for your yard that allows you and your family to get outdoors and enjoy your summer. 

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