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Seasonal Invading Pest Control

In Tennessee there are numerous seasonal pests we encounter in our homes and businesses.   Many factors can contribute to them invading such as structural openings, lighting and vegetation.

Some of these pests include but not limited to

1.  Asian Lady Beetles

2.  Kudzu Bugs

3.  Stink Bugs

4.  Boxelder Bugs

5.  Spiders (Can be an ongoing issue)

6.  Cluster Flies

7.   Silverfish

8.   Centipedes

9.   Millipedes

10. Earwigs

11. Ground Beetles

12. Crickets

13. Sowbugs

14. Pillbugs

Seasonal Invaders.jpg
Seasonal Invading Pest Solutions

Call Epituer today for your free business or home pest control and exterminator evaluation.   The first step in resolving the issue is identifying the species of the pest you are dealing with and coming up with the correct solution.


Contact Our Office at 865-363-1155 or Email Us. 

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