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Tick Extermination Knoxvillle, TN

Tick Facts

Ticks are arachnids not insects.    They have 8 legs and are more closely related to spiders.

Several diseases are spread by ticks including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease and several more.

The first steps in reducing tick issues is to avoid heavy vegetated areas.   Around businesses and homes,  leaves should be removed and grass should be cut on a frequent basis.

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Tick Species

Below are several tick species found in Tennessee to be aware of.

American Dog Tick

This tick is also known as the wood tick and is most commonly found on dogs as an adult, but can also be found on cattle, horses and other large animals.  The adult is a vector of pathogens causing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tularemia and can cause tick paralysis.

Blacklegged Tick

This tick is also known as the deer tick.   Only deer or other large mammals are able to support large populations of the tick.  Human exposure to this tick is greatest in the summer when high nymph activity coincides with increased exterior human activities.  Blacklegged ticks are an important vector of Lyme disease.

Brown Dog Tick

The brown dog tick unlike other species of ticks can complete its entire life cycle indoors.   When high levels are reached, these ticks are normally found crawling up walls and curtains inside the home.  This tick prefers to feed on dogs in all stages. These ticks rarely cause disease in humans,  but can be a vector for canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesia in dogs.

Lone Star Tick

This tick will feed on blood of many animals as well as humans.  The lone star tick is the most reported tick to bite humans in the southeastern United States.  The lone star tick has been reported to transmit several pathogens including ehrlichiosis, rickettsiosis, and tularemia.  The bite of this tick has also been shown to produce an allergy to red meat.

Tick Prevention

Management of the lawn and landscape around you home or business can make the environment less inviting for ticks.  Below are some simple measures that can be taken to reduce ticks.

  • Trim the lawn on a regular basis.  

  • Keep bushes and tall grasses away from your deck and play areas.

  • Installing fencing around your property will prevent wildlife and stray animals from introducing ticks.

  • Trimming limbs and bushes on the perimeter of the property and preventing them from overhanging onto the property.

  • Keep your dogs and cats from wandering out into wooded areas and insure they are treated for ticks in the spring and summer.

  • Inspect your pets daily for ticks.

  • Installing a wood chip or gravel barrier around the perimeter of the property will help prevent ticks from accessing your property.

Tick Solutions Knoxville, TN

Call Epituer today for your FREE business or home pest control and exterminator evaluation in Knoxville, TN.   The first step in resolving the issue is identifying the cause and finding the correct solution.  Epituer offers quality tick control at affordable pricing.  Click here for additional details on Epituer's approach to tick elimination and pricing.

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